Matt knows that life is all about Jesus

In the late 90s, I  studied at Nathan campus of Griffith University. While I was a Christian at the time, and would have said that my life had a higher purpose, I had inadvertently set myself upon a life path that looked like this: get a good job, buy a house,  save up for retirement and all of this so that my family and I could live comfortably ever after. The Aussie Dream, right?

But 20 years later, after a lot of different life experiences I realised that life needs to be about much more than success and money. Because even if we achieve all of that, how long can we hang onto it? This life is so transitory, and nothing lasts forever.

Over the last 20 years, Jesus has brought me to the realisation that everything I do should be for His kingdom. Through various challenges, He’s taught me about sin, about grace, about faithfulness, about questions, about answers, about uncertainty and about forgiveness.

In God’s goodness, he has now led me into the arts world to serve Him (even though it wasn’t actually an arts degree I was working on back here in the 90s!) and blessed me with a vision of a faith that speaks to my life’s purpose and offers real hope for the problems of the world. So it feels somehow appropriate to come full circle back to Nathan campus to be part of a community here that wants to follow Jesus. I hope you will join us.


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