Orrin knows Jesus has taken away his Debt

If someone asked me, 'Why’re you Christian?'

My answer would be because I’d be buried 4 feet underground otherwise.

Why would that be?

Because without faith, I’d be dead. When I was going through High School, even my first year of University, I felt nothing for the outside world, I couldn’t shed a tear for the problems of others and I lived in a world of self-hatred, self-blame and self-punishment for all of my transgressions regardless of severity. I suffered from extreme anxiety and saw myself as wasted oxygen, that my life was meaningless. I tried to ‘fix’ that 3 to 4 times over 4 years. My faith had been challenged by the microcosm that is High School and shaken by my church that barely resembled my faith as a child. Then I met Glenn from Risen Church. God gave me someone who understood my pain, could see through Christ what I struggled with.

Through Christ I was able to see that my sin had been paid for, that I didn’t have to top up the bill because the bill had been paid in full for eternity by Christ's death for me. From that simple fact I was able to move on, I cried for the first-time tears of joy when my sister flew out for the USAFs, my anxiety disappeared almost entirely and for the first year in half a decade; I haven’t tried to take my life.


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