The Vision for Risen Church

We are a new evangelical church meeting to reach out to southside Brisbane and Griffith University. We are made up of aussies and internationals, students, workers, and young families. We are a community that loves Jesus, the city and the campus.

Our vision is to bring the great news of Jesus to the southside of Brisbane city and to the campus of Griffith University.

Join us on Sunday mornings 9:30am at Salisbury State School, 19 Cripps Street, Salisbury

We believe the Bible is the word of God and so at church the Bible is taught and explained. At the very centre of the word of God is the person of Jesus. Jesus - his life, death and resurrection are how we are reconciled to God. See our statement of faith here. We are planning to be part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

Risen Church is supported and approved by the Australian Church Planting Network, Geneva Push. We have a Managment Committee to oversee the financial and legal aspects of the church and a Board of Reference (see below) providing advice and support. Glenn Hohnberg is the pastor.

Below you can

  • Get in touch with us

  • See a starting vision video

  • Find out more about Glenn Hohnberg, the lead pastor or see the staff page

  • See who is on Risen Church’s Board of Reference


Glenn Hohnberg, lead pastor

Glenn Hohnberg leads Risen Church. He is married to Kathryn and they have four boys: Rohan, Xavier, Kai and Liam. 


Glenn became a Christian through university student ministry. After completing his degree he worked for a few years in business and IT. He then completed a Bachelor of Divinity (Hon) at Moore Theological College. He’s lead an evangelistic mission to the CBD of Brisbane for 9 years (the City Bible Forum) and for the last 2 years revitalised City Church at Ann Street Presbyterian. Now he is planting Risen Church.

See more about Glenn on the Staff page.

Board of Reference

Risen Church has a Board of Reference. This board functions as an external voice to the church providing support and leadership. Currently on the Board of Reference are

David Pitt

Brisbane Director for the City Bible Forum. 
Formerly Pastor of Unichurch (a congregation of St Lucia Bible Church) from 2009 until 2017.
Studied at University of Queensland.  Ministry apprenticeship 2004-2005 with AFES.
Bachelor of Theology at Moore Theological College from 2006-2008. 
Co-chair of the Queensland chapter of The Gospel Coalition and director of SPUR Conference. 

See more on the City Bible Forum here. 


Derek Hanna

Studied at University of Western Sydney (UWS). 
Masters of Divinity at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC).
Worked with Mitchelton Presbyterian Church 2007-2008
Planted Village Church in Kelvin Grove out of Mitchelton Presbyterian Church in 2009.
Pastor of Village Church 2009-2015
Currently Director of Training for Geneva Push. 

See more on Geneva Push here. 


Roy Davidson

Senior Pastor of St Lucia Bible Church since November 2000.
Bachelor of Theology from Moore Theological College.
Studied Civil Engineering at UNSW and worked in the construction industry.
Married to Karen and Dad to Jessica.  

See more about St Lucia Bible Church here.