Glenn Hohnberg - Pastor


Glenn Hohnberg leads Risen Church and started planting Risen Church part time in 2017. In 2018 he moved full time onto planting Risen Church.

In my own words
I grew up in bush NSW on a farm near Forbes. My parents were very entrepreneurial and taught us the value of hard work.  I became a Christian through university student ministry at UNSW as I met Jesus in the pages of the Bible. I discovered Jesus (and Christianity) was far more profound, exciting and challenging than I’d ever imagined.

After working in IT for a number of years, I completed 2 years of the Ministry Training Strategy at St Matthias Anglican Church under the ministry of Phillip Jensen. I was trained by Al Stewart and Paul Grimmond. It was a rich and challenging time. A real highlight was starting a new ministry to Sri Lankan and Indian students on campus.

I went on to study at Moore Theology College completing an honours degree. For my student ministry training I was under the wing of Michael Jensen (now Rector St Mark’s Darling Point, NSW) at the inner city church plant FIX Church and then Evangelism Ministries (they had a name change).  

We made the big move to Brisbane to work with AFES in Queensland in 2006. Kathryn and I had experienced the huge potential of student ministry through our time at UNSW and wanted to see how we could be part of work outside of Sydney. It was such a joy to invest in the students at Evangelical Students and we are still in contact with many of them.  

After 2 years God took us in a new direction to break new ground for the gospel. I founded the City Bible Forum in Brisbane. The ministry aimed to reach every slice of the city from young workers through to senior executives. It was an incredible privilege to be at the coal face of evangelism with city workers. Not everything worked and there were hard times when things didn’t go as planned. But God raised up many gospel friends and partners. Over time we saw people come to trust Jesus as their lord and saviour. ( Is there anything better?). The ministry grew and grew. At the end of 10 years the ministry had a staff team of 5 with over 100 Christian professionals in the network. At this time around 30 non-Christians were reading the Bible with Christian city workers.

I also spent 2 years revitalising City Church at Ann Street Presbyterian Church and chaired the STIR conference (now called Y conference) for a number of years. 

I’m married to Kathryn and they have four boys: Rohan, Xavier, Kai and Liam. Family life consists of rumbles, books, lego, soccer and probably way too much screen time. 

I’m passionate about people meeting Jesus in the pages of the Bible. He is far more wonderful, exciting, challenging and exhilarating than we imagine.

I hope you’ll join us at Risen Church to grow in Jesus if you are a Christian. Or to discover Jesus if you are not yet a Christian.


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