Studying at Griffith University
Over the Summer of 2019 / 2020?
We’d love to meet you

If you're studying at Griffith University or Griffith College in 2019 that's terrific! We'd love to meet you and care for you while you’re at University. If you’re a first year we’d love to help you transition to life at University. As a church we want to connect with and care for students at Griffith University. If you’re a Christian we want to see you grow as a disciple of Jesus. If you’re not a Christian or not sure - we also want to care for you and we’d love to help you explore Jesus.


Tuesday Night Student Gospel Community

At Risen Church we run Gospel Communities. They are open to all. These are like Cell Groups or Bible study groups but we like to call them Gospel Communities because at the centre of the Christian community is Jesus and good news about him. There are groups on Tuesday & Wednesday. We might start one on Thursday.
There is one just for students on Tuesday Nights.

It starts at 7:30pm and we finish at 9pm usually with dessert.
Once a month we have dinner together before hand.

We meet in the suburb of Salisbury, right next to Griffith University Nathan campus.
Message Glenn below if you’d like to come along.
We usually pick up people from Nathan Campus at 7:10pm at the gym steps. But message Glenn just to make sure and we can tell whoever is giving a lift to look out for you.

Sunday night fellowship

In 2020 we’ll start a Sunday night fellowship on campus. Contact us to find out more.

Some photos from Events and activities

Moving to Brisbane

We’ve produced a short guide for those who have moved to Brisbane for study. It tells you about the campus, public transport, free and fun things to do, residential colleges, banks and a few other things. We hope you find it helpful.


Living in a residential college in 2019

We’ve got students and some groups connected with the Residential colleges on campus at BK, KGBC, and Mount Gravatt Colleges. We'd love to connect you with other College Christians. It's a ready made community. Get in contact below.

Living in a Residential College at Mount Gravatt or Living in a Residential Colleges at Nathan Campus?
Contact us below and we’ll connect you with other Christians in the colleges


Connect with us at Griffith University
Nathan or Mt Gravatt

We'd love to connect with you on campus. 
You could text Glenn (0423 626 404), say 'Hi' through messenger or send an email with the form below.

Send an email to say hello

Student check box

Going to Uni is a great opportunity

Going to University is a great opportunity to learn, to meet people and to meet Jesus. We'd love to help you get connected with other students, discover some ins and outs of study and get to know Jesus. Get in contact with us and make the most of this opportunity. 


Have you moved?

If you've moved from another nation, across Australia, from somewhere else in Queensland or even from another part of  Brisbane we'd love to help you make this move a good one.

And if you live in a residential college, get in contact because you might even score a home cooked meal or two!

Christian groups on campus

Griffith Christian Students is a great group. Their lunch time talks will really challenge your thinking. Just what you want at Uni. See their website for more info. 


Power to Change is a ministry with a desire to be a spiritual resource for students at Griffith. Their heart is to connect people to Jesus, provide community and train students.