Why the Bible matters

Why the Bible Matters

The Bible claims to be the very voice of God speaking to humanity. It claims that in it’s 66 books there is one ultimate author, God himself, speaking through the writers to all humanity. It is the book at the very heart of the Christian faith. It claims to be grounded in history telling us the truth about reality. It is a book that people have laid down their lives to hear in their own language. Our series is all about Why the Bible matters. Join us each Sunday to discover Why the Bible matters.

Is the Bible history or myth?
Opening the Bible will change your life
Discover the message of the whole Bible
The Bible: a dead letter or a living word? The Bible makes a living church

Following Jesus

Following Jesus
The Book of Luke

Jesus transformed our world. He said things that changed how people saw themselves, God and the world. He made claims about himself that challenged his closest followers. Jesus changed our world and he can change us.

Join us to discover Jesus from Luke’s gospel. Join us to see what it means to follow Jesus.

Sundays 9:30am, 19 Cripps Street, Salisbury.

1 Peter - Exiles in hope

Exiles in Hope
1 Peter

God’s people, Christians, have a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus’ resurrection means Christians know what their future holds. It is to see their saviour Jesus and be with him and each other as God’s people. While Christians wait for Jesus’ return they are exiles in hope. They know where they are going, they know God’s power, they know how they are being changed and they know how God is at work.

God is our protection sq.png

God is our Protection
The Book of Daniel

Join us to discover the God who can protect his people no matter what the future holds.

God is able to protect his people through the fiercest storms. Even the storms of terror, war and death. God is the one who gives, protects, guards and saves. Join us to discover the God who is our protection from the Book of Daniel.

The God who protects - Daniel 1
The God who controls the future - Daniel 2
The God who protects and resisting pressure - Daniel 3
The God who makes himself known - Daniel 4
The God who ends evil - Daniel 5
The God who rescues his people from death - Daniel 6
The God who rules in power - Daniel 7

Cross - follow jesus simple.png

Following Jesus
Luke Chapters 9-12

Join us to hear Jesus’ words for yourself.
They are more wonderful, more inspiring, more radical and more challenging than we know. Sundays 9:30am, 19 Cripps Street, Salisbury.
Our topics are: Listening to Jesus, Turning Points, Harvest Time, Love your neighbour, The crucifixion, The resurrection, Prayer, Hypocrisy, Jesus hates it, Money


Walk in the Light

The apostle John writes a letter to God’s people. It is a bold letter, a clear letter and a searching letter. It challenges God’s people to walk in the light. For God himself is light and in him there is no darkness. So, how could his people walk in darkness?

John’s letter also helps us see that walking in the light is possible. A new life, a different life, a changed life is possible because of Jesus. If you’re looking for change and transformation join us.

Join us over the summer of 2018-2019 to be challenged and encouraged to walk in the light because of all that Jesus has done.

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Jesus loves his church. The church is his. That is why he loves it with such a fierce love. It is also why he will change his church and even end his own church if it refuses to hold to him alone. Jesus loves his church and he wants each church to be a true church.
Join us for this short series from the book of Revelation as Jesus speaks to his 7 Churches.

The promise of God

The Promise of God
September & October

God makes extraordinary promises throughout the Bible. Promises of love, protection, peace and salvation. He even promises himself to us in Jesus Christ. 

Join us as we discover the promises of God in the Old Testament of the Bible. Promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ. 

How did Jesus celebrate with Sam Chan

How did Jesus celebrate? with Sam Chan

Most of us have a picture of Jesus in our minds. But did you know Jesus was accused of partying too hard? Join us to meet the Jesus you never knew with speaker Sam Chan. 

Wednesday 29th August, 7:30pm, free. 

This night is brought to you by the City Bible Forum and the following churches in Southside Brisbane
Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church
Coopers Plains Evangelical Church
Grace Bible Church
Hertford Street Baptist Church
Providence Church
Sojourn Bible Church
and Risen Church

Like to know some more about Sam Chan?
Check out our video or see Sam's blog
Expresso Theology

Have you found grace? Has undeserved mercy found you?
Grace is undeserved mercy from God. Risen Church

Grace is undeserved mercy from God. Risen Church

Grace is undeserved mercy From God

We are searching for acceptance. We are hoping to be good enough. But we never seem to find the acceptance we want and we never seem to be good enough. That's why we need to discover grace. Grace is undeserved mercy from God. Our series from the book of Ephesians starting on Sunday 17th June will explore God's extraordinary grace which answers our hearts desire for acceptance and shows how God makes us good enough through Jesus. 

Life with God v1.png

Life With God: Good, Different.

Life with God is really good. But it is different. It gives you a different way of thinking about your life and the lives of those around you. This different way of thinking and living turns out to be really good.
Join us to see discover a different perspective on life. One that is good and different.  
We'll explore the topics below. We'd love for you to join us.


The Rescue - Luke's gospel

Our world isn't the way it ought to be. Evil flourishes and death reigns. And this is why Jesus came. His life was a rescue mission for a dying world. Join us to discover the rescue from Luke's gospel.

We’ll be diving into these topics: Rethink religion, Radical Love. Words to live and die by, Power to live and die by          Life and death on the street,Can you be good enough to be, Guilt and Shame Free Good Friday, Forgiveness for Free.


Some things matter

Some things really matter. They are ripples in our lives. If we get the things that matter right they ripple out transforming our lives and the lives of those around us.

This series explores some of the things that matter to Risen Church and ripple out into our lives. 

Jesus First, The Bible Open, Seeking to love people          , Grace filled community, Expecting God to be at work, On Mission                              
Photo: Unsplash by Levi XU


Experiencing God  #expGod

Join us to find out what it means to experience God. We'll delve into the Psalms and see the writers' experience of God. They experienced God in the greatest of joys and the greatest of hardships. Join us to discover, know and experience God. Join us to be changed by God.


The Transformed Community - Phillippians

The great news about Jesus transforms people. But not just people, it transforms whole communities. In this series we'll be digging into Paul's letter to the Philippians and we'll see how the great news of Jesus transformed them and how it should transform us.  

A community of joy, A community of courage, A community of Jesus, A community that is different, A community of spiritual wealth, A community that looks forward, A community of peace


Jesus said he was the light of the world. Join us to consider his claims and his life.

The Light - John's Gospel

Jesus claimed to the light of word. He claimed to light, life, bread and wine - the things that are the very essence of life. We'll be exploring Jesus and his claims from John's gospel - his biography about Jesus. 


Is believing in yourself enough?

A great night to connect with the campus and Brisbane Southside community. We'll explore the idea of believing in yourself. It sounds right - just believe in yourself - it sounds positive. But is self belief enough when it comes to living life? And what about when it comes to God?  What are the consequences of self reliance? We'll start with a talk and then kick onto a discussion and a meal together. 

Karma_Grace_A6_Poster no fb.jpg

Karma or Grace?
Sunday 30th April, 4pm
Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University

A great night to connect with the campus and Southside community. We'll explore both Karma and Grace and see the implications for our lives. We'll start with a talk and then kick onto a discussion and bbq.