Our Church Values

Risen Church values the things below. We are a new evangelical church that loves Jesus, loves God’s word, the Bible, and loves our city of Brisbane. These values are not the only things we value but they give you a good glimpse into who we are and who we, as a community of God's people, long to be.  But, you don't have to be a Christian to connect with us at Risen Church. We'd love for you to join us whatever you believe.

Jesus first

Knowing Jesus and understanding him - his life, his words, his death and his resurrection - is the most important thing in life. It truly changes our lives and brings eternal life.  This is why we begin with him, and in understanding him, understand God - what He's like and what He's doing in the world 

So, we as a church want to share Jesus and make him known to those around us. We long for people to meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible whoever they are.

Seeking to love people

Jesus challenged everyone who followed him to love people. As a church we seek to love people no matter who they are or where they come from. This love is fuelled by Jesus' love for us and it stretches us to love people even when it isn't easy. It is a strong and courageous love, like the love of Jesus that lead him to the Cross for us. 

We've experienced the wonder and joy of Jesus' love and we long for others to know it. 

Grace filled community

We only exist because of God's extraordinary grace and mercy. We see his grace and mercy most clearly in Jesus. 

In all we say, think and do with one another we long to be a grace filled community. We want our attitudes, our speech and actions to be filled with generosity and kindness. We aren't perfect people and we aren't plastic people. We know we are not there yet, but we long to be a community filled and changed by grace. 

The Bible open

God has made himself known to us in his words - the Bible. As we read, hear and understand these words we come to know the true and living God and how he has made himself fully known in Jesus.  

So in everything we do as part of Risen Church we seek to have the Bible open, whether in our Sunday meetings, in our gospel communities, on campus or just catching up together. 

We also think that the Bible - and Christianity - can stand up for itself. It has a depth and integrity that is deeply surprising. So we aren't afraid to ask hard questions about what the Bible is saying. and what the implications are for us. 

Expecting God to be at work by the Holy Spirit

God is real and true. So we expect him to be at work in our lives individually and as a church community. We expect him to be at work in us in small and large ways. We expect him to be at work in us in the good and hard times. When things are good we rejoice in him and when things are hard we run to him, for where else do we have to go. 

We are confident that God is at work in his people for Jesus has poured out his Spirit, the Holy Spirit into his people. This enables his people toknow and experience his loving power. It also means we expect to be changed by the Holy Spirit - being transformed to be more and more like Jesus and given the gifts we need to serve and glorify Jesus.