Kid's Church

Jesus loved children and longed for them to come to him. That's what we also long for. We want your children to come to understand Jesus and how much he loves them. 


When church starts

Kid's church is run in the same building as our main church meeting. That makes things really easy,  so just look for our kid's church sign and come and say hello. We'd love to meet your kids.

When church is about to start we'll get you to sign your kids in. 

Our program is simple and fun. Your kids will come to discover Jesus through the pages of the Bible. They'll discover how much he loves them and how he changes everything. 

Dinner after church

We have a simple meal together after church. If your children have any allergies please get in contact with us; we want to care for your children.

Kid's safety and blue cards

We want to look after your kids just like they are our kids. So everyone who looks after kids has a Blue Card.

Risen Church has a Safe Ministry Policy which you can download here

Any Questions 

If you have any questions call Glenn (0423 626 404) on contact us through the Contact Us page.