We are a new church - a community who loves Jesus, each other and the Bible. We’re made up of Aussies and internationals, students and families. We'd love to meet you and help you connect with us at Risen Church, discover Jesus and grow in him.

Sunday Morning Church
Salisbury State School
19 Cripps Street, Salisbury


Our Mission

We are a church for Brisbane city and for Griffith University for Jesus’ sake.  Brisbane is a big city and it’s growing. In our local suburbs there are 200, 000 people and more than 20,000 people at Griffith University. We want to share the great news of Jesus with our city.

In God’s Kindness

  • We are sharing Jesus with our surrounding city.

  • We have seen a number of people come to trust in Jesus and many others growing in their trust of Jesus.

  • We have Gospel Community groups meeting around the southside of Brisbane.

  • There is a growing Kid’s Church.

  • We’re supported by Geneva Push - an Australian Church planting organisation

  • We are a church family who loves being together. There are families, students, internationals and aussies coming every Sunday.

  • We are growing in serving each other and our city.