The Gospel Story Bible is an awesome children’s Bible.

Many children’s Bibles miss the point and end up turning the great message of salvation in Jesus into moral rules. But not this Bible! It’s not a translation of the Bible but tells many key stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament so that children can discover and understand Jesus.

This really matters. Jesus is the key to Christianity. If you don’t understand Jesus you don’t understand Christianity. In this Kid’s Bible every story shows how Jesus is the key to eternal life or knowing God or the key to salvation or the one who sacrificed himself or … This Bible will help your kids understand the message of the whole Bible - Jesus - while teaching them the Bible.

The Bible stories - there are 156 of them - take up one page with a lovely illustration on the opposite page.
The author is Marty Machowski and the publisher is New Growth Press. I reckon it’s good for ages 6 to 12 depending on the concentration level of your kid(s) and their tiredness on a particular night.

I think it’s also an excellent gift Bible for a family with kids that are not Christian. Jesus is clear on every page and those gospel drops may well turn into the flood of salvation. The only downside is the price. It is expensive but I reckon it’s worth every cent.

In short, this is a great Children’s Bible that even the kids will love.