Explore Jesus online

There is a lot of gold on the internet. And there is a lot of dross! Slowly but surely I’ve kept a list of some of the gold. Below is a list of links to articles, blogs, podcasts, talks and youtube videos that will help you explore Jesus on line. Some of the material is super short and punchy. But some of it is longer and deeper. We need the short for the overview and to get us thinking. We need the depth to explore things with integrity.

There are five sections.
Explore Jesus: this aims to go to the heart of Christianity.

Explore some great talks on Jesus: a few links to a huge range of talks from great speakers

Exploring questions and objections: looking at some questions and objections to the Christian message.

Explore Jesus as a person of history: the evidence for Jesus as a person of history is overwhelming.

Explore following Jesus: find out what it means to follow Jesus

Explore Jesus

1.   90 second summary of Christianity   (video)

2.   Explore Christianity - the 1st of 12 short videos (video)

3.   Prodigal God - Keller (audio)

4. I am the way, the Truth and the Life – John Lennox (video)

5. Which Jesus – Matt Chandler (video plus transcript)

6. The search: The answer to human longing (video)

7.   Meeting the real Jesus - Tim Keller (audio on youtube)

Explore some great talks on Jesus

All souls church media

Cross preach Rico Tice or William Taylor (audio)

14,000 excellent talks from The Gospel Coalition (US) (audio) Many of the speakers will assume the audience is Christian because these talks were given in churches.

Exploring questions and objections

Christianity and the tooth fairy by John Lennox (video)

49 short answers to big questions (video)

Reason for God. Belief in an age of sceptiscism by Tim Keller  

Suffering  - Amy Orr-Ewing  

Has science buried God? John Lennox

Does rationality lead us away from God? John Lennox

Why are we here? God, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness – John Lennox

Is Religion Intellectually Dangerous - Lennox

The Veritas Forum – leading Christian thinkers, interviews and talks

The Loud Absence - Where is God in Suffering? John Lennox at Harvard Med School

Explore Jesus as a person of history

Why trust the Gospels of the New Testament? ie are they history or myth?

I’ll eat a page from my Bible if Jesus didn’t exist – John Dickson

Jesus is a myth – busted! (online article)

Is it sane to believe in the resurrection?

Evidence of the Resurrection – Peter Williams   

Lecture by Lee Strobel – journalist who investigated Jesus and became a Christian

The Resurrection Argument that changed a generation of scholars (Part 1 & 2)

The Myth of Progress and Relevance by John Dickson

Explore following Jesus - find out what it means to follow Jesus

Crosswalk.com - lot’s of articles on living as a Christian

Multiply Movement

God’s Big Picture Series – the shape of the whole Bible 

Key Bible Concepts